Micro Herbs
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Micro Herbs

Our Micro Herb Partners Nurtured In Norfolk are specialist Micro Leaf & Pea Shoot growers.

All the products have been grown on a natural soil base, benefiting from nutrients that are present throughout the growing stages and therefore extending the shelf life. Biological controls are used throughout the growing process to keep the crops clean and pest free.

Nurtured in Norfolk’s range of Micro Cress, Pea Shoots, Edible Leaves, Edible Flowers and Micro Veg products are specially selected for their intense flavours, eye catching colours, visual impact and tenderness. Used and eaten whole, there’s almost no preparation and very little waste.

Used by chefs around the country including Michelin starred chefs in some of the UK’s most famous restaurants.

Ranges available:

Micro Cress / Pea Shoots / Edible Leaves / Edible Flowers / Micro Veg

Our other produce:

Salads / Exotics / Fruit / Vegetable